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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Full documentary on Lev Tahor


  1. This documentary is oozing with madness ... !!

  2. הנביא אומר: גם כי תרבו תפילה אינני שומע, ידכם דמים מלאו

  3. Rumors are that the entire cult (Lev Tahor) group are planning to flee Canada in the next few days/weeks, and establish this horrible disgusting abusive cult in a different country, maybe even in a third world country. (They do have the funds put away for travel expenses in cash)

    BTW the fact that they tried running away with the 14 children who were due in court today, shows that this cult is guilty for child abuse, if not why are they on the run?

    This cult leader who is a convicted criminal: Shlomo Erez Hellbrans did Two Years in jail for kidnapping a minor Shy Fema. SAME TIME Hellbranz sick son: Nachman Helbrans, a member of the head of the gangsters and child abusers in this cult, confirmed today that, the two families and 13 kids are no longer at the Chatham-area, so the authorities can't take the kids away, he also lied and said that he did not know where specifically they'd gone to.

    Nachman is a pathetic lire, Nachman Helbranz can't be trusted for anything, and if he says something assume that it's the opposite.

    "The children are on a trip, on a vacation," The evil cruel vicious Nachman said, adding the families wanted to be out of the country, awaiting the outcome of the court battle, because they can't be taken away, and it's almost cretin that the court will have the 14 children removed forever!

    It's really is: "A CULT". Cult leader: Solomo Arez Helbrans is accused of hitting children with tire irons, forcing loving couples to divorce, forcing little girls into marriage with old men, forcing children to wear small shoes, forcing people to get nude so he can give them 39 lashes, placing people in solitary confinement, denying people of food, issuing monetary fines, placing little children with strange families against the wishes of parents for periods of two years or more from the age of six months, and forcing people to take psychiatric pills without being diagnosed by doctors, + lots of sexual abuse.

    Lev Tahor cult’s spokesman is: Yoil Weingarten the son of the famous “convicted pedophile” Mr.Israel Weingarten, a man who raped his own daughter repeatedly over many years!!!

    The REAL tragic part of this big mess is: that some family's that are trapped there, are desperate to get out of this cult for years but they can't do it, because they are consistently threatened by the cult leaders. (Gangsters)

  4. The real issue is welfare of the young innocent children at the Lev Tahor cult. It baffles me how members of the Lev Tahor cult can claim religious persecution and anti-Semitism when they have fled twice to escape a judge’s ruling, making a huge Chilul Hashem, all over the world.

    If it was you and you felt that an injustice has been committed, would you not appear at the hearing in order to plea your case? Nachman Helbranz has been sent by his father Erez Shlomo Helbranz all over the world to fight things out in court, he has traveled as far as Israel to fight in court, and when he saw that he was loosing he fled back home immediately.

    This "wild west" kind of behavior would indicate that they are truly guilty of wrongdoing to their children that have been abused by them, in many ways including sexual. An innocent person stands up and fights, they do not flee with their tail between their legs.

    The main issue here is, the welfare of the children, whose parents have indoctrinated them into this horrible cruel cult led my some monsters and gangsters the "HellBrans".

    If the allegations of poor physical health, lack of education and subjection to corporal punishment etc. are found to be true, then the children should be placed into foster care immediately, regardless of the cult leaders beliefs, the leaders have been known to be vicious mind controlling people, who force them to obey their orders like Stalin did, the Nazis where kinder people, then the leaders of this cult are.

    It is inexcusable and intolerable in today's society to allow the abuse and neglect of our most vulnerable, especially if it is permitted under the guise of so-called “religious inclusion” as Lev Tahor is known to be a real cult.

    It would set a very dangerous precedent indeed, to allow Nachman & Erez Shlomo Helbranz for further abuses of power under the smoke screen of religious freedom, they should be tried as the war criminals are, lock them up and loose the key, forever more.