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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

When Orthodox Jews Do bad things


“Just wait,” they said. One day, they said, it would not be as simple.  It would not be as clear. They told me about all the things that go wrong in the orthodox community.  

They told me about every corrupt, every depressing, every sick thing.  They told me I would one day leave too, sick of it as they were. I wasn’t having any of it.  So what?  Of course there are people who do bad things in the orthodox community.  They’re human.  We’re all human.  What do you expect? “Just wait,” they said again, with their knowing looks. These were the bitter ones, the ones who had left, or the ones who had at least joined some sort of fringe movement.  They were sick of it, sick of what they had experienced.  I didn’t understand them.  How could you make such big decisions with your life based on people? 



  1. What a weird article,

    Boring and not appropriate for this blog,

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