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Friday, 23 May 2014

Lag B'omer - CH is burning in hell


  1. what a vile post! So we suddenly forget all the good this man did over many decades.
    How many marriages,neshomos,broken and destitute people did he literally save from their own (hell) as you eloquently put it. I suppose whoever posted this is of course a lamed vov tzadik! I hope the rbs'olam doesn't judge you in the same light over the course of your whole life time on planet earth. Sick is an understatement.

    1. Anonymous - you idiot. Nothing this man has done can make up for the evil he has perpetrated. Ve'oid hayod netuyo (tartei mashma!). His akshonus is a tremendous chillul hashem and causes untold tzaar to both his victims and the Ehrlich's rabbonim who braved the thuggishness of your ilk to save vulnerable women from the blood filled hands of this peverted animal.

    2. Excuse the autocorrect on my phone. *ehrlich.

    3. You are absolutely right. This is a vile post and does not contribute either way to the actual facts one way or the other.

      Now a quick look at the undisputed facts.

      1. There is a gilui daas from 5 of the most respected and experienced Rabbonim in London that RCH is not suitable to be a Rav.
      2. During the subsequent campaign supporters of RCH used "unjewish" tacticts to "terrorise" RCH's supporters into silence.
      3. The UOHC issued a formal document, signed by its secretary, expelling K'hal Divrei Chaim from the UOHC. About 24 hours later, subsequent to a personal visit by the Gaavad of the UOHC, HaRav Efraim Padwa shlit"o to the house of RCH's elderly and eminent father, the afore-mentioned Rav Padwa issue a handwritten note retracting the formal document. Police had been summoned to the home of the afore-mentioned father in response to a call about a "disturbance", breach of the peace and alleged "kidnap".
      4. Contrary to anything ever done before after any p'sak of a Beis Din, the UOHC, of which both RCH and his father are senior members, announced the formation of an independent "court of inquiry" to investigate and pronounce on the allegations against RCH. So far this court of inquiry has not convened even once.
      There's more but that'll do for now.
      All the above is undisputed, provable and common knowledge.
      To briefly re-cap. The original post is really nasty and irrelevant and should not have been put up but that does not absolve RCH and worse, where does it leave the UOHC in general and HaRav Padwa (the senior Rav and titular boss) in particular.

  2. what a vile man! May we never forget all the bad this man did over many decades.
    How many marriages,neshomos,broken and destitute people did he literally ruin with his own (hell) as you eloquently put it. whoever posted this is of course a lamed vov tzadik! I hope the rbs'olam doesn't judge you in the same light over the course of your whole life time on planet earth. Sick is an understatement

  3. So prurient he struggles with the word hell, but apparently entirely comfortable with a rabbbi alleged to have obtained sexual gratification from vulnerable married women. To paraphrase rabbi Shimon bar yochai - all the neshamos were for his alleged abuse; all the marriages for his own alleged perversion and all the broken people were recruited to provide followers. There's only one question which matters - are these allegations true? The vast majority have decided and only the broken people are left.

  4. shame there no more pictures showing which pigs were in attendance as well.

  5. how can you forget the paedophilia and grooming?

    he also targeted young girls

    he deserves jail, pity the uk justice system was not able to provide a court case and subsequent life term in a maximum security jail

    1. That is simply untrue. All the allegations are from women over the age of consent. There were never any allegations of paedophilia.

  6. What about the 15 year old who was groomed then prayed upon as she reached 16. The grooming started way before 16.

    Paedophile ! "liar" check your facts, if your not sure ask your local rav, if your from GG. If your from the hills, I can't help you.

  7. order of events, CH and his misconduct,25 May 2014 at 09:20

    Order of events, clarification for the naïve, stupid and of course stamford hill

    15 years ago, reports of impropiority with women come in regularly to rabonim in gg
    Gg rabonim notify the gavaad who simply asks ch to stop his misconduct
    Ch continues his misconduct but rabobim are being bullied by his powerful family and keddassia
    Eventually as reports reach massive numbers rabonim in gg get together, meet and interview victims etc
    A serious picture of abuse developes involving large numbers of ladies and girls
    Rabonim interview in detail and log the abuse and involve a qc to supervise the gathering of evidence
    Rabonim issue a giluy daas that there is no doubt that ch is not fit to be a rav due to impropiority with women and girls
    Rabonim in gg all get together to be breifed
    Rabonim all breif individuals in their kehilas that one should go near ch as he is confirmed doing unbelievable aveiros
    Stamfordhill rabonim strangly think that gg rabonim are stupid and making it all up
    Victims go to police and ch is arrested but victims too scared to go to court so ch is released
    Stamfordhill have party's as ch has been found"not guilty", which obviously was not the case
    Some naïve people still daven at ch
    BZ F funds SH people to attend ch's chumish shiur
    Porky all the time is involved in supporting his sinning older brother
    EH not wanting the H dynestly to collapse is busy supporting ch
    MG makes bar mitzvah and invites ch, many guests walk out,

    So on and so on

    1. If I may add 2 points,
      1) prior to the gillue das was issued RSW went to CH asking him to take a sabbatical so this could be sorted out whiles he is not in town, he refused.
      2) the complaints had been coming in for some years from married lady's until he started on a single girl that exposed him

    2. A further point Rav Kohn got involved because he wanted to clear CH name but has now realised that it is true

    3. Neither of these 2 is provable fact.
      I was careful to post only undisputed, common knowledge facts.

  8. טרייטל בראנדסדארפער באגלייט אים אין גיהנום און איז איהם מחזק אז די סטעמפערד היל'ע רבנים וועלן אים אפקילן די גיהנום

    1. סתם-פערד העל26 May 2014 at 04:34

      די מיינסט סתם-פערד העל-ע רע-בנים

  9. The JCN photo could be destruction of evidence. Burning the towels.

  10. Chaim Halberstam25 May 2014 at 13:07

    Dear Blog owner

    Please note that the second picture in your most recent post contains pictures of minors. To post pictures of under 16's online without parental consent is illegal and violates the public order act.

    I hereby warn you of the legal consequences if this photo is not removed within the next 24 hours.

    No further warning will be sent. I intend to take action against your Blog should you wish to ignore this notice.

    1. This u would maser on but child abuse never, ur a big W

    2. Don't attack a Chosheve person.26 May 2014 at 00:52

      I know Rabbi Chaim Halberstam. He is an honorable person, and he probably knows very little about the Halpern case, but it must be that Rabbi Halberstam was asked by someone connected to one of those boys to do something.

    3. This is incorrect.
      It is illegal to post "suggestive" pictures of under 16s.
      Ordinary pictures are ok.
      There are literally millions of pictures of young children on thousands of public sites including BBC etc.


  12. Dear Blog owner,

    Can you kindly explain me why you refuse to place my comment. I am trying to get an answer to the following question. How is it that from all the hundreds of victims, not One of them had the courage to make One complaint to One police investigator? This is of course true because any single complaint would have been enough to prosecute and im speaking from experience.

    Please can someone try to answer me with a convincing and sensible answer!

    1. I remind of the case in 1991 what happened to the family that reported a suspected case of abuse on their child by a neighbour, after getting permission from Rav H.B. Padwa zt"l, and what happened to them.

      The trial was is Southwark court. One defendant was convicted and the one who was acquitted was only by what the trial judge later described as a "lawyers sleight of hand".

  13. Simon

    You and your family lack the communal political clout to besmirch the woman, her husband, children, and the entire family, affecting their schooling, yeshivas/sems, Shidduchim, jobs, etc.

    That would make life easier for someone to report alleged misconduct and make a formal complaint against you.

    The alleged and his family do have the clout to ruin the standings of such a complanant and her family throughout the entire charedi community, hence the reticence of victims to come forward.

    1. Precisely, and CH obviously believes himself above the law.

    2. Well said!
      It actually happened to me.
      I had a financial dispute with one of the Stamford Hill moisdois. No beth din (not even LBD) would take it on. I consulted a solicitor who wrote to the boss of the moisod. Within a week I was a approached by a highly respected (and in my opinion deservedly so) member of the Stamford Hill community and was warned with a variety of threats including but not only those you have mentioned of what would happen to me and my family if I carried on.
      No choice, kids in school, parnosoh etc. I stopped. Nothing I can do.
      Less din veless dayn.

    3. Anon, I think you are not telling the whole story. Local mosdos have had din torahs and London Beth Din take on an array of cases.

  14. Get out of our community.
    Enough is enough.
    Guilty or not,
    Just GOOOOOO

  15. The police have taken complaints from multiple victims of all ages.

    Some of the criminal complaints were of very serious misconduct.

    The victims are scared of the pressure ch and porky will put on the family.

    I have also been a victim of abuse and have spoken to police, given statements etc.

    I was not able to gett the courage to go to court.

    I fully understand victims not going to court. Don't blame the victims.
    Blame the molester.
    Blame the paedophile!
    Blame the evil, evil, evil molester.

  16. Martin Luther king30 May 2014 at 16:24

    I Have a Dream that one day Jews will just keep Torah and Mitzvahs yes just Torah and Mitzvahs No BS No CULTS No Money making Frauds that call themselves "REBBES" Just Torah and Mitzvahs I HAVE A DREAM!

    1. Keep on dreaming. It's never going to happen, as long as there is a yetzerhora for honour & money. TAVEH AND GAVEH, will continue to keep your dream a dream and not a reality.

  17. support beis din meat, don't buy keddassia2 June 2014 at 12:16

    Rebbes, are not the problem.

    The problem clearly is Kesddassia and its current leadership.

    Divrei Chaim, left, then returned, Padwa knew about the CH abuse allegations for 15 years but didn't stop him or report him to the police.

    Be clear where our problem lies, keddassia, through and through,

    Keddassia doesn't protect us, it protects abusers, and keeps us quiet!

    Buy Beis Din meat, deli meat is all chalak and from the same productuon as eida chareidis in Poland!

    1. Martin Luther king2 June 2014 at 15:13

      The problem is not Keddassia the problem is simply the people who choose to to be lead like blind donkeys! Its easier to go running to a "Rabbi" and ask rather than working things out by yourself. In essence you all have your selves to blame De Aibishter gave you a brain to use WAKE UP EVERYONE and use this wonderful amazing gift de Aibishter gave you Start thinking for yourselves and only then will things change... I still have a dream that one day Yidden will just keep Torah and Mitzvahs I HAVE A DREAM