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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Rape and Adultery in Stamford Hill with Support of the Rabonim !!

The Stamford Hill community has recently become aware of a Heimishe person who holds a public position of trust in the area who has for the last 8 years pursued and sexually assaulted countless of local married women. 

His methods amongst others is as follows:

·        Throws notes with his mobile number towards mothers when picking up his kids from school.

·        Aggressively follows women at night when they come and leave from the mikveh and assaults them.

·        Obtains mobile numbers of married women and sends them texts with compliments etc. and then threatens to report to their husbands that they had an affair thus forcing them to comply with his sexual demands.

·        In some cases he forced himself in homes whilst husbands were out and molested innocent women in a sickening manner.

·        Furthermore, he uses his position of trust to meet females in need of assistance to exploit them for his gratification.

The following Rabbis are aware of all the facts: R Ephraim Padwa, R Yosef Binyomin Wosner, R Meir Markowits, R Shmeya Low and their fellow rabbis and activists at the “Vaad Ltohar Hamachaneh”.

The misconduct of the matter by the mentioned Rabonim is outrageous, not only have they failed to ensure the safety of vulnerable women of this community they have actively supported his ability to further offend with the following:

1.      They have strongly prevented victims to report to the authorities

2.      They did not stop him to further abuse and did not notify the community’s women to protect themselves.

3.      They did not object to his election and didn't bother to notify his fellow colleague of what they knew. This had enabled him to reach his current position of trust in the community.

4.      He was recently honoured at a grand opening of a local institution in the presence of the mentioned rabbonim .

5.      His kids are safely enrolled in the local schools whilst others who are suspected of owning a non-kosher smartphone are rejected and tormented 

6.      They have prevented anyone to expose him with the pretence that it will embarrass his family.  

For the above named rabbis we say: Shame on you! You partially carry the responsibility on the pure households he desecrated. We all just saw how you persecuted and tormented an innocent person who hasn't hurt a soul, you had no mercy on his family.  You wail on Smartphones and the internet, if one does not comply he is gravely punished and here you let Rapists and molesters to roam free under your supposed supervision. What really bothers you? Rape and immorality or the Internet where your corrupt deeds are exposed?

We are no fools, If such a dangerous person is cleared free to commit his crimes amongst us and endanger our wives, sisters and daughters this is certainly not in our interests, Your goal is to protects molesters so no would report them to the authorities and diminish your control on the community. We should all be aware and not trust this “Vaad” or anyone part of this shameful organisation, there are extremely dangerous individuals dressed like us roaming the streets and if someone gets assaulted they should immediately report to the police.

And for this vile nasty rapist we say, you will not be forgotten, it can take years but for hurting and agonising defenceless women there are consequences in a land of law, your “marriage” is not more valuable than those you have tried to destroy. There will be a Judge and Judgement day.


  1. Such a truthful post, child abusers, even worse than this guy,wonder freely around Stamford Hill, accepted in most shuls, some even rebbe's in chadorim.

    And no one goes to the police to get then arrested, charged, jailed, put on the sex offenders register.

    And thus protecting our children

  2. This has been public for quite a while unfortunately. I was told a few years ago by Dayan Lopian ztz'l that I shouldn't speak to him anymore as he was a Radha. Tragic that despite this he has still been able to maintain certain positions. Thank you for continuing to let our community know who to watch out for.

    1. A person of interest17 February 2016 at 11:30

      What does Radha mean?

  3. הערט אויס נחום׳ס צווייטע שיעור פון דער וואך ..... מער צום סוף פינעם שיעור

  4. stamford hiller.2 January 2016 at 19:08

    What's his name? So far all we have heard is a lot of nasty anonymous gossip.
    Have you not heard of innocent till proven guilty? Are you seriously telling me that several heimishe women were molested and/or raped and told or reported to no-one. Come on.

  5. Stamford hiller if u don't believe this is going on and u are not allowed to report this or child abuse then ur not a SHiller or ur just stupid, things like this are going on the whole time but Rabbonim allows this as they do nothing about it, oh but if u call the police ur a mouser and will be treated like one

    1. Just another illiterate anonymous pashkaviller. A bit of evidence might help. So far all the stuff we have been reading seems more like the Gestapo or the Inquisition than anything jewish.

    2. How about this notice from UHOC dated May 2014 is that not considered as evidence the Vaad where aware of "incidents"? are u waiting for a video of him physically molesting a woman?

    3. So Stamford Hiller, how exactly do people get "proven" guilty round here? "No police", to quote Reb Ephroyim Padwa.

    4. N16.
      Well there's always these anonymous blogs but even they don't tell us who the alleged culprit is.
      Seriously, are you asking me to believe that there's a whole load of women who have been raped or molested or whatever and not one has come forward.
      It should also be noted there is no obligation in Halacha to obey Rav Padwa's rulings.

  6. why dont you say who it is if you are so cetain its true theres no isur as its nasesery to be aware of him, in what way are you any better than those rabonim if you dont name any1

    1. Well said but please don't confuse a private individual who can think and say what he likes with Rabbis who take it upon themselves to be our spiritual guardians and, incidentally, get extremely well paid for it. And I don't only mean money.
      The Rabbis have a duty to the tzibbur which the blogger here does not.

  7. He is called Mr Rape-ier - Well, almost.

  8. Little politicians.

  9. A person of interest20 January 2016 at 23:09

    You all have time to come here and bitch about this scumbag, but won't name him. I'm not part of your Haredi community, I'm not Jewish, but I live in Hackney and I know who this person is. I have emailed him but not got a response.

    I would name him on my blog, but I need at least one victim to corroborate. If you prefer not to, you all don't have the right to complain.

    I'm watching you.

    1. Sorry, mate. Too late. He was reported to the police. Not a drop of evidence. Interviewed and sent home with apology.

  10. A person of interest23 January 2016 at 22:09

    I doubt it.

    He was never interviewed because none of his accusers would come forward. You are either him or someone protecting him, so sit down and shut up.

    Like I said, for those who are too yellow belly to formally adentify him, you get what ou deserve.

  11. i tried naming him but the blog master doesnt let it trough

  12. Person of interest24 January 2016 at 07:05

    Well Boruch8 almost did. Easy for anyone to figure his name from his response. Think young and with a cocky grin. How many local councillors can you describe that way?

    Boruch8 January 2016 at 01:42
    He is called Mr Rape-ier - Well, almost.

  13. Its a mitzvah to supply his name as he is is a danger to society. The Torah says "Lo Sa'amod Al Dam Re'echo".