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Thursday, 31 December 2015

This is the warning from the so called Vaad that no one understood !!

This is the warning from the so called Vaad  that no one understood !!
It was in the Tribune mid May 2014 and no one had a clue what they were talking about...

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  1. I remember it well and didnt understand it at the time.
    I have already said this vaad should be disbanded. It seems to be a vaad just for people notifying them of things that go on that shouldnt, but they are not ever going to do anything positive about it. It could really be considered loshon hora telling them anything since there is no 'toeles' in telling them at all, if anything just the opposite. This is like a secret society for receiving loshon horah with the stamp of the Union. Yes let them make notices about how to walk in the street etc. but never tell them about other people.
    What should a person do who has something to complain about others who have wronged him (or others) in a sexual way. Where should he go and to whom. Of course the police but that may not always be the best thing to do. Putting up silly notices like the above can only be done by this vaad who have shown their incompetence and their taking of bribes. The Gateshead rov would be the best choice but I doubt he would want to get involved in London problems. It is a real pity Hendon Adath didnt take him. One could put their names on here but then it may not be true.
    London is crying out for a decent rov, who will start doing what people want. We all want an eruv in Stamford Hill and if Manchester can do it so can we. We have not yet heard from anyone who is 'boki' in eruv dinim that it cant be done. They called the two top experts in the world and they made them an eruv. This Vaad is expert in nothing. At least the head of it should have been a Union dayan. If not for Wosner this melamed would still be in his job like the councilor. The Gesher people must be laughing their heads off. They are all from frum SH families and could easily have been stopped if the vaad would have been doing its job. What is the use of making BT's when we cant keep our own.
    One reads about the terrorists that they are prepared to be killed but not that their families should lose the roofs over their heads. That is why Israel blows their houses up.
    The torah also says that punishment is done at the fathers house because he is to blame for his children.
    We dont keep the torah nowadays. We dont blame parents for their children. That is why the Gesher can carry on.