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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Rabbi Towel the Bloody Preacher


  1. When in doubt consult an expert with hands-on experience

    1. Welcome back Mr Tickle. Where HAVE you been?
      When can we look forward to more of your incisive and usually true posts.
      Back to work please. Your followers need you.

  2. You must bring a Shulchan Aruch but TOWELS optional

  3. Sadly the Rabbonim of our so called kehila are too busy dealing with issues such as limmud to be concerned. When are people going to stand up and say enough is enough.

  4. The height of arrogance

  5. BS"D
    Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
    A Handicapped child
    Teves 8 '5774 (Dec 10 '13)

    "No One Can Enslave Us"

    Yes, I see very dark clouds on the horizon, very dark. I see great chaos everywhere. It is beginning. It is coming. It is coming from up. It is coming from down. It is coming from the left. It is coming from the right. It will come from the east, from the west, from the north, and from the south.

    We are in the end of times. We are at the point of no return. There will be no extra time given from Shomayim. There will be no softening of the Din. Whatever has to be, will be because now is the very end of times. We are going into the most difficult period that the prophecies, the Nevuas, have warned us about. It will be very frightening indeed, but Be'ezras Hashem those Neshomas that were at Har Sinai will be saved, as I have said before, but know it is getting worse and worse.

    The world in the past twelve years has changed not only politically but also in its natural shape. Islands have disappeared under the water. Terrible storms and earthquakes have changed our world completely. The terrible tsunami that hit Japan and destroyed the Fukushima atomic power plant has poisoned the Pacific Ocean, and the air above it with its radioactivity. Poisoning the Pacific Ocean and the air above it means poisoning humanity. We have suffered from Hurricanes like Sandy, hundreds of deadly tornedoes and all kinds of typhoons, and other types of terrible storms which have killed thousands, tens of thousands and even more. We have suffered from all kinds of terrible diseases which the medical profession doesn’t seem to be able to control. We have suffered from droughts, and from many unusual volcanic eruptions. Besides all that, we have been plagued by lies, the lies of the rich the ones controlling the monies of the world. We have actually become the victims of thievery in the greatest way. "Just take whatever you want from our bank accounts whenever you feel like it, Mr. President of the bank!"

    We have lost our so called democracy and we have become slaves. And if you think you're not a slave, I'm telling you that you are, unless you hold on tightly to our Torah and all that has to do with Yiddishkeit. If we hold tightly to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, we will never be slaves. If we will be only with Hakodosh Boruch Hu, no one will be able to enslave us, and that’s what I'm telling you.

    That’s what this message wants to tell you - that most of the world has been enslaved. You can feel the ropes tightening around your wrists, around your legs, around your neck. You are slowly being put into a prison, a prison that will control every part of your life. However, if you hold onto Hashem and do His Ratzon, you will never be a prisoner. You will always be free. Even though these Reshaim are slowly but surely controlling the world, you will not be a slave if you hold on to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Then when the right moment comes, Hakodosh Boruch Hu will wipe the Reshaim out of existence and leave us in peace. And we will continue throughout all eternity together with our Hakodosh Boruch Hu, who is our Creator, our Father, our everything.

  6. No one is going to wake up. As an outsider from New York, I can tell you that you all only have yourselves to blame. This man is clearly wholly unfit to be a Rov. If however he is still patronized and if not a single woman who he has halachically molested was prepared to tell the London police what went on, then he has won and you only have yourselves to blame.

  7. So when it comes to Limmud, Roberts is all over it but when this outrage occurs he won't say a word. I am sickened that people still respect him.

    1. your comments are far too judgemental and utterly disgusting with no regard or respect
      .they also show no knowledge of what is really going on behind the scenes- re how much rabbi Roberts is leading on this matter alone from anything else. how dare you refer to him just by family name-that alone is disrespectful of the highest order.

    2. Oh yes - "behind the scenes". What sort of leadership is that? Outside of the Halperns, he is the most senior Union Rov in NW London and has made precisely zero public statements besides for a pathetic letter which said nothing besides for referring to the perpetrator's family as 'distinguished'. He could have sorted out this mess with a one-line letter, yet chose not to do so. The tzibbur has been crying out for him to take action for over a year, yet all we hear is silence.

      Remember, this is not a man who is afraid to speak his mind. Whether it's the eruv (which he managed to condemn again over the yomim noroim) or Limmud, he's perfectly happy to sign his name when it comes to attacking the 'other side'.

      His culpability is even greater due to the fact that he has admitted in writing that he knew Halpern was doing things which no rov should be doing over a decade ago, yet beyond a slap on the wrist he took no action and was totally uninterested in investigating further.

      He justifies the fact that he didn't sign the Gilui Daas with the excuse that he hasn't spoken to any victims - yet here too he has made not the slightest effort to do so. Many of the NW London rabbonim blame the lack of action to remove Halpern on him - there's no reason why we shouldn't too.

      He accepted an invitation to speak in the Matok minyan yet backed out because 'he didn't want to upset Reb Chuna', in effect hanging out to dry the people who had courageously done the right thing.

      Call him Rashkebehag for all I care - the man is a disgrace.

    3. your manner of speaking is too distateful to describe.
      you onbviously think that you know all of the information and sensative enough at that level what to do and when.
      A lot of work goes on beyond what you mention
      and decisions are made for the sake of sensativities which you are ignoring or think you know better of.
      Indeed-when the matter ahs to be said he will speak and ona personal basis can tetsify to his most practical understanding of minute daily and personal issues-albeit that you dont like him because of the eiruv or anything else.
      Suffice to say-thta the mattre could have exploded into an even gretare chilul hashem than it i has already if not for his work and that of others.
      the issue was not a personal matter as you mite be indicating but one of very basic hahskofo -with eevn more issues now coming out into the open than before.
      he has most certainly exerted his authority as much as possible within this mattre in ways which may never be publicised and beyond your understanding.
      Knowing him as i do for many years-he is a very calculated person and will not od anything without a number of coinsiderations-least not with this cuyrrent saga as welll as with other things.
      your condemnation and mannare of speaking puts you ina differant camp to say the least - even if you have what could be good questions at face value.
      i certainly agree that generally speaking- a lot needs to be answered-but it takes a very baalebatish mind ( ie. not fully informative and sounding ieven if not inteneded to be very anti rabbi rabbinical even if only against rabbi roberts)and blunt way of disrespect to bring it all into a differant camp of thought.

    4. I think you've beaten the rov you so admire in demonstrating your ability to use lots of words to say nothing at all. Are the sensibilities you speak of the idea that Halpern's father, whose reaction to his misbehaviour has been to lash out in the most vile manner against those who uncovered it, must be protected from upset at all costs (even the wellbeing of victims of abuse along with the entire kehilloh)? If so, you can keep them, because they are the opposite of common decency.

  8. So what's the plan then.

    Options as follows.
    1. Continue as always head in the sand - didn't happen to me
    2. Protest on bridge lane Tuesday night
    3. Protest outside local Rabbonim who are sitting on their hands

  9. Rabbi Roberts has apparently known about this for 10 years!! Which means every new case of abuse and every extra tear shed he could have prevented. If anyone is in Hendon Adas tomorrow it is a joke

    1. do you know exactly what has happened to be able to be judge and jury ?

  10. Next to this notice -- only 30 cms away is another notice not to talk about this 'parsha ha keuva' in shul. The world would be a better place if we all forgot about this saga and moved on in our lives. We all know nothing comes out from these blogs, only sinas chinom and morid bekvoid chachomim.
    How come Reb Moshe is not giving a shiur like he did last year? It was so good... Has he also been accused now, or what?

    1. Are you an absolute idiot? So because Charlie Menuvel's family want everyone to not talk about his misdeeds, we should all do what they say? Forgetting about it means forgetting about a rov who was caught with his pants down and continues to pretend to be a rov! I agree that blogs are bad - if you find a better way to rile up the tzibbur I'm all ears.

  11. Notice is down and was only up for the photo.

  12. sticky towel pudding with sticky towel sauce,16 December 2013 at 00:04

    Why any meshigena would go to his taharas mishpocha shiur, all be it disguised as hilchos nidoh!

    Our rabonim have told us that he has done everthing and even MORE!!!!

    He is most certainly an expert in he sugyah! Imagine a shiur from a rav with such hands on, towel on experience!


  13. I dont think you should call him the XXXXXX preacher. It may be true but surely you can come up with something better.

    1. you don't get it... do you? the whole Drushe is about blood so it is obviously bloody ..

    2. I certainly 'get it'. Not everything has to be spelled out in gutter language. This word is today used as a 'swear' word. Something you perhaps dont know. I suppose the word 'damn' also comes from it being the hebrew equivalent. As a Jewish site one expects better.

  14. Where are the Rabonim who signed the Gillui Daas, why have they not stood up against this. Halpern is a dangerous man, cannot confirm that what he did was against the law, but was defiantly against Halocho. This man has no shame, he has no respect for anyone but himself and more importantly he is laughing behind the backs of his loyal supporters whom are loosing their parnossah, friends and their rights to Olem Habboh by continuing to stand by him. He knows what he did was wrong, he knows that he broke all boundaries of Halocho, touching other women even in a non sexual way, talking to other women on the phone at all times of the night. Writing to women (not his wife) cannot talk now, I am in bed.............. i mean come on guys, wake up smell the coffee, this was the Great Chaim Halpern who used to bang on (no pun intended) about hilchos Yichud etc...... how much more do you want to hear?

  15. ההחלטה, שאין החלטה! כולנו בשוק גדול, מהגדיילים! בבני ברק!!!!!!

    לא זכיתי להבין, למה מטריחים עשרות ראשי ישיבות, רבנים, וזקנים, כדי להגיד להם שהתורה היא חיינו וצריכים להילחם עליה, נו, יפה... את זה כולם יודעים, לא?

    כל ילד בן חמש כבר יודע שהתורה היא חיינו, התכנסות זו הייתה צריכה להגיד לעם ישראל האם מתייצבים או לא? ואם לא - האם יוצאים להפגנת ענק, או לא? פשוט אנחנו בהלם, אין שום החלטה אז אין כלום!!! האם זה כהיום נקרה ערב חיזוק והתעוררות??? פשוט מצחיק לכלל ישראל לראות איך המנהגים של הדור החלוש הזה מתנהגים.

    לדעתי ולדעת רוב חכמי ישראל כולנו צריכים להתאחד ולעשות כל יום כינוס, תפלות, והפגנות, כדי להראות לשם יתברך, ולהם, שאנו לא נתייאש עד שהחוג יגנז בעזרת ד' בקרוב!
    ומה באמת ההחלטה שלהם? הנה הוא: אבל אני מזהיר מראש שח"ו "לא לצחוק" על גדולי ומהיגי הדור הזה.
    הנה ההחלטות: כפי שהובאו תחת הכותרת 'כי לא יטוש ה' עמו ונחלתו לא יעזוב'

    "לבם של יהודים יראי ד' נחמץ ונדאב, נוכח הכוונות לגזור גזירת גיוס על בחורי הישיבות הקדושות ואברכי הכוללים שעמלם בתורה ותורתם אומנתם, ולעקרם חלילה מבית המדרש מקוםמם של לומדי התורה הוא באהלה של תורה, ואין שום זכות לעקרם ובכך לפגוע בעצם זכות קיומנו בארה"ק, וודאי שאין זכות לגייסם, ולכפות עליהם את מסגרת הצבא, אשר עצם השהות בו מהווה סכנה רוחנית גדולה ד' ירחם והיא היפך מחינוכם ועמל חייהם באמונה ובפרט שנודע שנמצא שמה ניאוף ברבים מהם וכו' ".

    "הננו שבים וקוראים אל ראשי השלטון הציוני, אל נא תרעו, ואל תניחו לרודפי הדת, לממש את כוונותיהם",

    "ואל תלמידי הישיבות ואברכי הכוללים שתורתם אומנתם, אנו קוראים באהבה: קדשו שם שמים, אשריכם שנתפסתם על דברי התורה, עמדו בגבורה, בעוז ותעצומות על משמרתכם, ואל צכנעו במאומה למי שמבקשים להפרידכם ממקור חיותכם, נצח ישראל לא ישקר וזכות תורתכם, ותפילת רבים המלווה אתכם, תזכו לפדות ישע ולרחמי שמים מרובים".

    "אנו בטוחים שגזירה, עבידי דבטלי, ותורה מגנא ומלא, ולא יטוש ה' עמו ונחלתו לא יעזוב" ע"כ דבריהם הק'

    ועכשיו כולם הולכים לישון משום שלא החליטו שום דבר... ונאמר אמן

    על שלטי הכינוס שנתלו במזרח נכתב: "אסיפת ראשי הישיבות שליט"א זעקת עולם התורה מגזרת הגיוס בארה"ק".

  16. Did anyone go? Did it happen?

  17. Fred after you drop dead which will hopefully be very very soon and you reach Shomaim you will be sent straight down to hell and you will rot there for many many decades for the disgraceful way you wrote against one of the most Choshuver Rabbonim in N.W. London. On you one can say the expressions Loi Yinotzel Midinoh She'll Gehenim and Ein Loi Cheleck Bolam Haboh. Good Luck in hell and I sincerley hope you remain there for good. PS: They say its pretty hot down there so Good luck.

    1. eiruv is treif but yenems wife is OK18 December 2013 at 07:27

      I love your cursing, maybe your a talmid of REH who has spent his life cursing all and sundry.
      Roberts is equally evil.
      Roberts like REH may have spent his life dedicated to learning etc but has very VERY poor bein odem lichaveiroy. Roberts is famous for his rudeness and general incivility. He has done some very nasty things over the years and has genuinely earned his disrespect!

      Charly has also the same similarity. Charly has davened and learned but has always applied one rule for everyone else and a different torah for himself.

      In addition Charly has of course a perversion of the highest order which was formally communicated to NW London via our Rabonim. We we instructed to keep away but some people can't seem to listen to our Rabonim. Reminds me of the golden calf, some people just have to follow the reform. Maybe Charlie will start his own reform/cult movement where praying on married women and 15 year old girls is allowed by the cult leader. Everyone else is of course expected to follow hilchos taras hamishpocha to the letter!

    2. A new RELIGIOUS movement where PrAying on married women is in order.
      Hilarious. But I bet you dont get it.

    3. Does this apply also to many Rabbonim who, if not so intemperate language, said the same things as Fred.

  18. To Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Herr/Damen/Reb/Rev/Sir/Lord "eiruv is treif but yenems wife is OK", the same applies to you. You obviously don't really belive in Hashem (your either an athist, catholic, christian etc.) and have no Yiras Shmayim and no Yitas Chet, Nebech on you. I can't imagine you writing like that on Alan Kimche and other type of these so called "rabbis". I assume you belong to the dying us congregation Kein Yematu. You probably always hated Reb Chuna, his children, Reb Roberts and any Rov from the Union because they are Orthodox, Ultra Religous, Extremists. There is nothing like the up to date modern rabbis that are trying to Revolutionise Judaism because the Torah is far too outdated and boring. Its time that we start living with the times (after all we re in 21st century) and stop learning the old talmud, wearing straps every morning, not using our gadgets on saturday, eating unleavened bread for 8 days during spring time, sitting under some leaves and pine for 8 days during autumn time, blowing sounds from a horns ram on New Years day, random fasts throughout the year, sitting on the floor in trainers on a hot summers day, not cutting hair during the 3 weeks and Sefira (you probably shave with a razor down to and above the bone) Any way I am off to bed and can't be bothered for all this crap, got to be in the office tomorrow morning as there is lots of work to do before the country winds down for the Christmas holidays. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    1. But this isn't about modern, or frum, or United Synagogue, or Kedassia, or beards, or traditions or any politics. According to all the reports I have heard he didn't allegedly commit sexual assault for reasons of politics or religion. All that crap came afterwards, and it seems to most of us that it came simply as a way of avoiding dealing with a very difficult and exceptionally serious, credible, and corroborated allegation

    2. To the Shoiteh Anonymous23 December 2013 at 22:43

      How dare you be mezalzel Rabbi Kimche who is most probably the biggest Marbitz Toirah and Mekarev Yidden to the Ribono Shel Oilam. His Beis Medrash is the biggest Mokoim Toirah in NWL
      Not everything that glitters is gold, Not everyone dressed in black is Charedi...

  19. Charlie has been at it for years, a well informed and reliable individual knows of reports of this conduct from over 10 years ago. Charlie is obviously a pervert of the highest calibre. Mr Anonymous who loves to promise all sorts of hn style klolos is obviously naïve, Or just plain old silly. Or its the other brother trying to defend his guilty brother