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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

R' Elchonon Halpern Shlita and the Belzer Rabbi Shlita under the Chuppah


  1. Yossi - We would love to stop the shiurim, as would every moral person in GG, but we can't, in the same way we are powerless to stop many other things we disapprove of. Protest to Padwa? Are you having a laugh? The man is the very height of corruption and is amorality personified. When R. Roberts protested to him did he care? When the alleged victims themselves came to cry out to him he told them that he was 'unavailable'. His other chums in the Union, especially Frand, are no better. My rov agrees with all of this, but again, he can scream and shout all he wants, but Kedassia don't care, Charlie Halpern, shr'y, doesn't care and the menuvolim who couldn't give a fig about his vile behaviour and still support him certainly don't care. And while this is a private simcha -it is also something that sets a very dangerous precedent. The Halperns only care about one thing -returning to power. This is a crucial step along that path, and no on

  2. No Charlie, who are the 'we' you speak of that would like to change things, just a handful of nutters or fair minded people? Did a young shepherd called Dovid ben Yishai cave in to the bullying of the Palestinians or did he stand up to the giant Golius and overcome against all odds? You are not powerless to stop anything, if you really want to.
    If you have the courage of your convictions, you can make the changes happen. Get together, form a committee, write down some basic tenets for the foundation of a charedi kehilla, with openness and fairness, perhaps research how kehillos are started and what their 'memo & arts' stipulate, approach a rov or group of rabbonim to join you. (Maybe even go to the graves of both Rabbis Avigdor & Solomon Schonfeld - who must be really churning about if the current union is as bad as you portray.) Present your grievances to a meeting of the Rabbinic & lay leaders of UOHC. If you continue to have no joy, establish your own Charedi Kehilla - it's not that difficult.
    To date, 5 Rabbonim signed a giluy da'as, another rov has followed his Shul's vote to leave the union, 2 other rabbonim have publicized letters which didn't say anything specific and could be referring to anybody at any time. That does not constitute serious action in anyway.
    I don't know how old you are, but I certainly remember the very beginnings of the NW London Eruv. Once it was initially shown to be halachically feasible, the Rabbis and laymen involved, campaigned, lobbied, researched, fought and continued relentlessly, against the naysayers, objectors, etc, until they succeeded. Today, we have probably the most mehudar eruv in the world.
    If you act leshem Shomayim, HaShem will help you succeed and nothing will ultimately stop you. Even the deceased ancestors of the Rabbonim, whose neshomos are in olom hoEmess will certainly not hinder you but will help too.